Nonprofit founder invites F-M business leaders on Rural Resource Road Trip to discuss urban-rural collaboration

Simply put, Undem believes many people can achieve their career and life goals, regardless of whether they live in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area or a rural community like Oakes.

Undem is the founder of Growing Small Towns, a nonprofit “that helps small towns in southeast North Dakota be a place people love to call home.”

She didn’t always feel that way. Undem admits she initially felt a sense of shame when she returned to her hometown of Oakes in 2009 after a brief career in banking.

“I felt a bit of shame like I had not made it in Fargo and only people who can’t make it move home,” Undem said. “It’s not like anyone told me that, but nobody told me I could make it here. That’s a story we need to take back,” she said.

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