North Las Vegas business protecting metal and local family

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Metal is one of the strongest materials on earth. But when it’s not protected it can rust, become brittle and easily break.

In this Nevada Built, 13 Action News Anchor Todd Quinones introduces you to a woman who learned how to protect metal. In doing so, she protected her own family, while making sure her late husband’s dream didn’t break.

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“Honestly, sorry, it was a blur of a time,” said Jessica Famiglietti.

Her life was turned upside down by her husband Dave’s cancer diagnosis. So was, in some ways, the life of Kent Willis, who had committed to helping Dave start his new business.

“The last time you spoke with Dave, he said, ‘Oh I’ve got to get some things checked out by the doctor. I’ll call you back in a couple of weeks,'” said Todd.

“Yep, Dave was diagnosed with cancer and passed. Not even two months after,” said Kent.

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