North Texas woman becomes business owner with help of TikTok

DALLAS — A recent study into what’s on people’s bucket lists post pandemic shows more Americans want to start their own business.  

A survey conducted by the company Fenetic Wellbeing looked at more than 100 bucket-list ideas and the comparison of search terms made online from March 2020 to March 2021. The search volume for “start a business” increased by 50%. 

At the height of the pandemic, Watauga, Texas, resident Krysti Burton first got the idea to start her own business after leaving a job she’d had for more than three years. She always liked the idea of being her own boss but hadn’t made the time to seriously consider it.

A mixture of pandemic circumstances, TikTok-inspired curiosity and the tenacity to try has her phone ringing with new potential costumers daily.  

In March 2020, when her boss gave her the news the store wouldn’t be closing, she was nervous about going to work every day as COVID-19 numbers soared in…

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