Omaha business growing thanks to determined 10-year-old

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — With hard work, something that was supposed to be a small online boutique ran out of their basement has now turned into a successful business.

“We’ve sent things to Germany, Mexico, almost every state in the United States. Just all over,” said mom Latisha Henry.

Last July Sassy Little Souls went live and the quick success is something Latisha never expected.

“I never expected to have a store, that was never my goal. I was like, we are going to keep this small, low-key, go to the basement and fill an order, send it out,” Latisha said. “But we have definitely outgrown the basement.”

All the items you see on the website are picked out by 10-year-old Jade Henry. She loves fashion, has a creative mind, and can’t wait to open her first store real soon.

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