Opinion: Intel wants to buy AMD’s old chip-making business? How weird are semiconductor mergers going to get?

Amid an unprecedented global chip shortage, the wacky world of semiconductor mergers could be headed completely through the looking glass.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that chip giant Intel Corp.
is exploring a $30 billion deal to buy GlobalFoundries Inc., a contract semiconductor manufacturer owned by the investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government. The previous owner of GlobalFoundries: Intel’s biggest rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
which spun out the manufacturing arm in a 2009 deal and committed to buying $1.6 billion worth of chips from the manufacturer last May.

An Intel spokeswoman declined to comment, as did an AMD spokesman.

The two companies have a rivalry that goes back for decades in Silicon Valley, where AMD has mostly lived in the shadow of Intel as a licensed second source of Intel-compatible chips, rarely (if…

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