Orban: Russian Oil Ban Is Like Nuclear Bomb On Hungarian Economy

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has again loudly expressed his country’s firm rejection of the proposed EU ban on the import of all Russian oil currently being mulled by the European Commission, saying that it would be like an atomic bomb was dropped on the economy.

He said bluntly during an interview with a public national broadcaster that it would be like “dropping a nuclear bomb on the Hungarian economy”.

“We cannot accept a proposal that ignores this,” Orbán again stressed, while also saying his government would remain “happy to negotiate” a compromise that would take into serious account Hungary’s demands.

The trio of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic now constitute a significant obstacle to a Russian oil ban as the question of the European Commission granting exemptions is front and center. Bulgaria has become the latest country to propose that exemptions be given.

Some countries are also asking for more time to find…

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