Organizers of Jazz Along Welton event hope to boost business in Five Points

DENVER — Organizers of the Jazz Along Welton are offering free pedicab rides from the convention center to their event in hopes of getting people to explore Five Points this weekend. The live music event coincides with All-Star Weekend activities leading up to Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game.

“There are other communities like Five Points that would love the love from our community,” said LaSheita Sayer, a board member with the Five Points Business Improvement District.”

Jazz Along Welton is a three day event beginning July 10. There will be free live music from 4 – 8 p.m. at the Center of Five Points and Cousins Plaza. The full lineup and additional information can be found here.

“It’s great that there’s going to be music again,” said Anthony Lopiccolo, co-owner of Goed Zuur.

Lopiccolo is excited for the return of jazz and hopes the event will bring in more customers too. He said every little bit helps, especially after the Five Points Jazz Festival…

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