Pandemic fueled record business openings wave in Miami

Written by Miami Today on July 6, 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic fueled the greatest wave of business openings in Miami-Dade County history, a new report from the US Census Bureau reveals.

As the pandemic developed last year, the number of new business applications in the county rose nearly 25% above the level of 2019, which was the record at that time for Miami, a community that has historically been a leader in business creation.

The growth was not confined to the county – numbers of applications rose across the state and nation, but Miami-Dade was the flashpoint for an explosion of new enterprises in Florida, and Florida led the nation.

The report issued last week shows 106,810 new business applications in Miami-Dade in 2020, up from 85,902 in 2019.

Did that growth show resilience, creativity, a spirit of entrepreneurialism, necessity as many…

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