Pandemic turns sisters’ event planning business into new store in Groves – Port Arthur News

When Michelle Pickney and Angela Nellison were growing up in Port Arthur, their mother was constantly creating. Whether it was their homecoming mums or party decorations, everything was made by hand. And she took party decorating very seriously.

So when the sisters found the small shop on 39th Street in Groves, it was as if their late mother was guiding them.

“Angela saw it and was like, ‘Michelle, this would be perfect,’” Pickney recalled as Nellison said, “It’s like a little house.”

And it was a perfect size for the sisters, who had previously been delivering orders to homes.

Bella Balloons and More makes custom and ready-made gift baskets for all occasions. (Monique Batson/The News)

Pickney, who now resides in Atlanta, agreed during a visit at Christmas to pass by the store.

“I came back last month, and I told Angela if it’s still for rent, I’m going to reach out and talk to the owner,”…

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