People for Portland co-founder accused of two-timing powerful business group

One of Portland’s top political consultants is accused of two-timing a powerful business group after he conducted campaign work for it over the summer and then jumped ship to its rival, according to a legal notice sent by the group.

Lobbyist Dan Lavey ditched the Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association, an off-and-on client for years, this month after receiving a financial offer that he “couldn’t refuse” from the Northwest Grocery Association, the beer and wine distributors allege.

In a statement, Lavey said the accusations were rife with “myths, mischaracterizations, assumptions and speculations” and that he and his firm would respond to them “through the appropriate legal channels.”

The two industry associations, among the most influential in Oregon, are frequent political opponents and are poised to square-off again over a possible grocer-backed ballot initiative next year that would privatize state liquor sales.

Danelle Romain,…

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