Permanent COVID rules, jobless claims


At many companies, changes from COVID-19 are now permanent

NEW YORK (AP) — COVID-19 has changed the way many small businesses operate. Common across many industries is the shift to working from home. And online ordering and curbside pickup are now standard at restaurants and retailers. But many owners also have made very individual adaptations that not only make sense, but may have permanently altered the way they do business and make money. Some who made dramatic changes find they’re much happier running their companies. For example, a florist who discovered she’s happier making individual arrangements than wedding designs. A psychotherapist expects to keep seeing clients virtually. And a furniture manufacturer found it really doesn’t need a showroom.


US jobless claims tick up to 373,000 from a pandemic low

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week even while the economy and the job…

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