Peter Scotto: Bad for business

Published: 7/29/2021 10:22:25 AM

There’s been some speculation as to why some Republicans and their right-wing media supporters have of late changed their tune and are now encouraging Americans to get vaccinated. This of course after months of doing everything in their power to sabotage America’s fight against the coronavirus.

May I suggest it’s because the latest viral surge fueled by “vaccination resistance” is bad for business? Very, very bad.

When new infections in Massachusetts dropped below 100 per day, I was happy to go out, eat out, get the the shops or the services I hadn’t accessed in well over a year.

Now that new infections have climbed above 300, I’m reluctant, hesitant. I feel myself going back into relative isolation. And that can’t be good for business.

Peter Scotto

South Hadley

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