Podcast gives businesses ‘extra exposure’, space and reach to rebound

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Corporate social responsibility are three words that have increased in both the public and private sectors in recent years.

And from the environment to social justice more companies are advocating for issues they care about.

But for one local company, that includes helping other companies increase their reach.

Whether it’s television hosting, coffee or managing social media — competition is real.


”Competition is a real thing — but it’s not a bad thing,” said Jana Angel, Living Local executive producer and host. “I think people look at competition as a negative thing but it’s what pushes us to make us better. So you need to make sure that you know who you are as a brand. Know exactly what you’re delivering. Know that your audience isn’t everybody and know who you want your ideal client to be. If you know that competition isn’t a concern for you.”

And COVID-19 tested the endurance…

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