Post-July 4th cleanup is business as usual for sanitation workers in Jersey City

After a long night of festivities, the Jersey City cleanup crew had plenty of work to do.

Thousands of people amassed in Exchange Place to take part in Jersey City’s Fourth of July Festival. While the festival draws in many folks looking to head outside, see the fireworks and experience great entertainment, it also draws in a lot of litter.

Commercial District Services (CDS), a public works and sanitation company based in and commissioned by Jersey City, was part of the post-festival cleanup effort.

But according to Joel, who declined to give a last name and has worked at CDS for a year, today’s cleanup was just business as usual.

Sanitation worker, Joel, tossing a bag of trash into a dump truck – Exchange Place

“This is nothing new,” he said. “Last year, since there was no celebrations, there was nothing. But I pick this up virtually every day. By midday, the pile will be back.”

Most of the trash that occupied the area had been cleaned by the…

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