Pride flag complaints against Ionia County business stir controversy

IONIA COUNTY, Mich. — A pair of business owners in Ionia County are upset and speaking out after they say they were discriminated against during Pride month.

“But it just seems, you know, this is 2021. You know, you can go into other small towns in Michigan and see pride flags everywhere,” says YCD Electronics CEO Andrew Mourer.

To show their pride and support for those in the LGBTQ+ community, Mourer and his boyfriend decided to hang a rainbow flag outside their business in downtown Ionia.

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“[We] actually didn’t put the pride flag out until about the 20th of June.”

But they say it was only a matter of days until the issues started.

“And on the 28th, we actually had the city manager come into our store and tell us that few of the downtown business owners had complained about the Pride flag,” says Mourer, “and that as a result, they were requiring a permit for the flag.”

Mourer says this was something…

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