Putin warns West of lightning retaliation for intervention in Ukraine

  • Putin warns of retaliation if West interferes
  • Biden set to comment on Russia’s ‘brutal war’
  • Ukraine says Europe should stop depending on Russia
  • France to host EU energy ministers on May 2
  • Russia denies energy blackmail

WARSAW/SOFIA/KYIV, April 28 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of lightning-fast retaliation if countries interfere in Ukraine, while U.S. President Joe Biden was set to comment on Thursday in support of Ukraine’s fight against “Russia’s brutal war”.

Russia has told the United States to stop sending arms to Ukraine, saying large Western deliveries of weapons were inflaming the conflict.

Addressing lawmakers in St Petersburg on Wednesday, Putin said the West wanted to cut Russia up into different pieces and accused it of pushing Ukraine into conflict with Russia.

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“If someone intends to intervene in the ongoing events from the outside, and create strategic threats for…

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