Qatar Airways’ New Business Class Fare Families

In late 2020, Qatar Airways introduced “basic” business class fares. Less than a year later, the carrier will be making changes to its business class fare classes once again. These changes are a mixed bag — there are some positive adjustments, but also some very negative changes when it comes to mileage earning.

Qatar Airways’ four types of business class fares

For flights as of October 1, 2021, Qatar Airways will be rolling out four different business class fare families — Lite, Classic, Comfort, and Elite. All business class fares have the same baggage allowance (both for carry-ons and checked bags), but that’s where the similarities end. Let’s talk about the differences (below you can find a chart comparing all the fare classes).

Qatar Airways business class fare families

Note that these fare classes are only for revenue tickets — nothing is changing with award tickets, which continue to have full privileges.

Qatar Airways Lite…

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