Record number of Ohio businesses started in pandemic

Nicole Spears started looking for a new job around April of last year, just after the COVID-19 pandemic struck Ohio and most nonessential businesses were closed.

The search proved fruitless.

“I wasn’t able to find anything that sounded like it was going to be what I wanted to do,” she said. “And I was feeling the job I had at that point wasn’t a good fit for allowing me to balance what I wanted in my personal life with my professional life.”

So the Columbus woman went into business for herself, registering Nicole Spears LLC with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office in October. She works from home on her own schedule providing content strategy and copywriting services for tech and healthcare companies.

“It seemed really counterintuitive to make that change while a lot of peers or people that I work with were having trouble finding work,” she acknowledged.

Nevertheless, plenty of Ohioans are joining Spears: The state has seen record numbers of…

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