Rep. Jason Crow talks veterans’ health care, Russia, economy

Ellis Arnold

Issues both local and global weighed on U.S. Rep. Jason Crow’s mind when he held an online and telephone town hall event to answer questions from the public.

Those issues included his concerns with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, an act Crow called “illegal and just atrocious.”

“One of the things we’ve seen with Putin’s (war) is how much we really rely on dictators and autocrats and strongmen around the world for our energy. It has to stop,” said Crow, who represents a large part of the south, east and north Denver metro area in Congress.

He was proud to support a bill that prevents the United States from purchasing Russian oil, he said.

On April 8, President Joe Biden signed the Ending Importation of Russian Oil Act, a law that prohibits the importation of energy products from the Russian Federation, along with another law that suspends…

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