Republican Governors Attack National Economy While Boasting About Own States

In speeches and media appearances, Republican governors are savaging President Biden for policies they say are wrecking the U.S. economy as a whole. But in the particulars — in their own states, in other words — the economy’s booming.

Somehow, in states as different as Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts and Arizona, Republican governors suggest they’ve found a magic formula for fostering booming growth and reducing unemployment back home.

Take, for example, these remarks from several governors’ annual State of the State addresses this year:

  • “Our national economy is struggling,” said Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, before continuing: “As unemployment skyrocketed in some parts of the country, ours is down to just 2.3 percent.”

  • “Job creation in Florida is far exceeding the national average,” Ron DeSantis of Florida said. “And our labor force has increased six times faster than the nation’s.”

  • “Our unemployment rate is below 4 percent for…

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