Rob Dogg’s Taxi Service open for business in El Dorado

El Dorado-native Robert Moore’s dream of owning and operating a certified taxi service is a goal that he’s been working towards for years but that has only recently reached fruition.

“I started when I was around 16, but didn’t have money for all the credentials. But, what I did is just do it until I was able to save enough money up. Once I did, I got credentials and everything to open my business,” Moore said.

When he first started out, Moore saw the job as something to do in his free time.

“It was really just something fun to do, but everyone kept telling me to get a license to do it for real, that it could be a nice legitimate business. I brainstormed and went to city hall to talk and learn; they helped me with a brochure to read and things like that. And I just kept saving money,” Moore said

Moore actually obtained his certifications for operating in Union County and the entire state last August, but needed repairs, including an…

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