Rockton business ‘Mark’s Pizza’ struggles after Chemtool fire

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Hundreds of Rockton residents evacuated the area following the Chemtool fire and one area business notices a difference in sales.

Mark Walkey owns Mark’s Pizza that’s been in downtown Rockton for nearly 18 years. He says the fire made it difficult to sell a slice with so many of his customers gone. Walkey’s business closed for two days following the explosion. Even though he’s opened his doors and many residents have moved back home, he says business is still slow a week later.

“We reopened on Wednesday morning and it was very very slow I mean it was down a lot,” Walkey said. “I think a lot of residents had evacuated. We just kept doing our thing but it was a tough week.”

Walkey says Old Settlers Days normally brings in a sizeable crowd and is a money making machine for the business. This year it was not the case.

“I’ll tell ya I just want to thank my loyal customers for still coming to us and we’ll get through…

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