Single mom follows dream and opens business

BROUSSARD, La. – A single mom proves that no matter how old your dreams may be, they can still come true.

Diane Phakkonekham left her job of ten years to pursue her true passion of owning a business.

Her shop, Pho Clay To Go, specializes in homemade pho.

As more people head outside and look for new places to eat, her shop has been the place to go.

Catching the attention of hundreds on Facebook since opening in December. She’s thankful and appreciative that so many come to show their support to her local business.

“I started from home so when I started from home it was like scary because I’ve never done it before,” said Diane Phakkonekham. “If I could be a single mom and do this I can do anything so whenever I started it it was crazy I had a lot of supportive people, a lot of business and it was great.”

Pho Clay To Go is located at 812 S Morgan Ave., Broussard, LA 70518.

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