Sitka business finds success bringing good ‘vibes’ to customers amid pandemic

Megan Cropley stands in her adult boutique, Pleasures All Mine (KCAW/Tash Kimmell)

Last spring when Coronavirus first took hold, no one knew the extent to which people’s lives –and livelihoods — would be upended. As the pandemic dragged on, taking many beloved businesses with it, the future remained unclear. However, among the many heartbreaking endings can be found a fair share of new beginnings. In Part 1 of a series exploring the trials, and unexpected triumphs of opening a business during the pandemic, KCAW’s Tash Kimmell spoke with Megan Cropley, who opened Sitka’s only adult boutique, “Pleasures All Mine,” in the midst of the lockdown.

When I arrive, Cropley has just carried a shipment of new merchandise up the flight of stairs to her rather discrete second story storefront.

A collection of lingerie at Sitka’s only adult boutique, Pleasures All Mine (KCAW/Tash Kimmell)

“So I had actually signed the lease, before the pandemic…

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