Small-business EHS compliance | 2021-06-27

Responding is Glorianna L. Corman, senior risk management consultant, KPA, Columbus, OH.

Overseeing multiple layers of complex environmental, health and safety requirements can be a daunting task for small businesses. And the speed with which requirements have changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – from OSHA down to the city government level – has made compliance feel like a moving target for many.

Small-business EHS teams don’t need to go it alone. They just need the right support to stay up to date on the latest EHS best practices and uphold them within their limited bandwidth.

Here are four resources lean teams can tap into to enhance their local, state and federal EHS compliance to-day.

1. Get involved in professional EHS networking organizations
Professional EHS networking organizations are an excellent resource for small-business EHS teams. These organizations typically host lunches, meetings, educational programs and facility tours…

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