Small businesses fight for a voice in Washington

Small businesses are mounting a push to regain influence in Washington after what they say has been decades of neglect by policymakers.

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged small businesses, shining a spotlight on the vulnerabilities owners face and forcing Congress to provide an unprecedented $800 billion in relief. 

Now, small businesses that survived the economic downturn are playing a pivotal role in high-profile debates over antitrust and infrastructure in Washington. 

Small Business Rising, a coalition representing more than 150,000 independent businesses launched in April, helped sway lawmakers to advance legislation to break up the largest tech companies through the House Judiciary Committee. The group says e-commerce giant Amazon is abusing its market power to block small firms from competing.  

The coalition scored a policy win this month when President BidenJoe BidenKentucky lawmaker faces scrutiny for comparing Fauci to Jonestown cult leader Omar…

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