Some business owners expecting Rally crowds to exacerbate worker shortages

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Increased tourism and worker shortages have been the trend this year, and business owners expect the Rally to exacerbate the issue.

For a few niche businesses, traffic may slow down as locals tend to avoid Rally crowds and traffic.

“We’ve actually been really fortunate with our team members; we’ve had some great applicants and trained really well.  So we have a great team right now. But I’ve talked to several other business owners, like daycare and different businesses are really having a difficult time getting that staff as well, yes,” said Kelly Gould, co-owner of Two Broke Girls.

For others, it’s not so simple.

“Even just in local restaurants, what servers are taking home a night for tips can be between 2- to 400-dollars based on people I know and ads that I’ve seen. So, if you can make that kind of money working a five or six hour shift versus what you would make in a non-service related industry, or say…

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