Southwood Street Market, bringing small businesses and the community together

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A local market is giving small businesses a voice and bringing the community together after the pandemic.

Southwood Street Market was started earlier this year as a new market in Tallahassee on Sundays.

Business Operation Manager for the Southwood Town Center Trae Hackett said there are currently 41 vendors.

“It’s a place where the community can come and they can meet some of the great entrepreneurs we have out here.”

One of the reasons Hackett helped create the market was to also have local businesses work together to sell their products.

You can see that with Brascomb’s Meats and Marie’s Jelly.

Owners of Brascomb’s Meats Darwin and Candace Brascomb said it’s the support system of the market and other businesses that have made them grow.


“What I love about it is that it brings together so many demographics, and what are you doing that could maybe pair up and match up with what I’m…

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