Space Force says upcoming meeting with industry won’t be business as usual

The SWAC briefing Oct. 27 not be about contract opportunities but rather a strategic-level discussion about what capabilities the Space Force will need in the coming decades

WASHINGTON — When Space Force officials meet with defense contractors later this month they will share intelligence about threats to U.S. satellites at an unusual level of detail. 

“The people that are going to participate are going to probably get the largest trove of threat models that have ever been released, ever,” Andrew Cox, the director of the Space Warfighting Analysis Center, said Oct. 1 on a webcast hosted by National Security Space Association.

Cox leads the SWAC, a new Space Force organization focused on wargaming and analysis. It will host its first “business fair” Oct. 27 with representatives from the space and defense industry. 

The classified discussion will focus on early-warning satellites and how to make future systems more resistant to…

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