SPD to use business and residential partnerships for video access

STARKVILLE — Starkville Police Department is on its way to creating a safer, more efficient way to monitor crime in the city.

Since Jan. 1, Police Chief Mark Ballard said Starkville has seen 38 major crimes, and SPD has solved 36 of them, largely due to surveillance cameras. While SPD has multiple cameras set up throughout the city, with a new camera system, the department may have access to even more footage and information.

Fusus, a platform where business and residential owners can share footage with the police, will soon be implemented across the city. Cameras can directly send video to officers, contributing to the agency’s capacity for critical incident management.

Ballard said he believes this is the next step in solving crime in the city and creating a safer atmosphere for residents.

“We’re at a crossroads as a community, as a city, with our camera systems right now,” Ballard said. “… The city can’t simply put a camera…

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