Supply chain issues cause headaches in Fort Bend | Business & Real Estate

Coronavirus cases might be trending down and life is returning to some sense of normal in Fort Bend County, but for contractors and those that work in the home and business repair business, the strangeness is just beginning.

David Lueck is the owner of Richmond-based Alliance Garage Doors and has been in the industry 28 years. Now is the first time he’s ever seen delays for parts last this long, he said.

“There was a time where when you special ordered a door, the lead time was four or five weeks,” Lueck said.  “Now, it’s like three months.”

And Lueck isn’t the only one. While on assignment to repair a garage door one Friday morning, the homeowner said he’d been noticing similar issues in other industries.

“It’s an issue we’re all facing, businesses little to big,” said Dipu Kakumani of of Sugar Land. “You could be missing something as little as a chip or a fastener and it slows everything…

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