Suspected thief creates manmade hole to break into store through neighboring business in Fife – KIRO 7 News Seattle

FIFE, Wash. — Investigators hope surveillance video helps find a suspected thief accused of stealing about $30,000 worth of cash and goods from a phone store in Fife.

The thief broke into the Metro By T-Mobile store on Pacific Highway by creating a hole through a neighboring, vacant business.

“This person had went into an adjacent business (and) cut into the sheet rock into the (Metro By T-Mobile) building,” said David Woods, an assistant chief with the Fife Police Department. “They do have surveillance video of the person. We’re hoping that’s going to be one of our biggest leads and that someone can help us identify this person.”

The security video shows a man entering the store’s inventory room through a man-made hole. He immediately looks at the camera, before quickly turning the camera towards a wall. As he approached the camera to turn it away, his face was caught on camera.

While the image provides investigators with a key piece of…

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