Taking Care of Business: Smash and Dash

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The pandemic impacted many of us in different ways. For one couple in Savannah, the mental and financial stress of the pandemic inspired them to open a new business. The ladies of Smash and Dash say they are bringing the “destruction” to you.

From TVs to just about anything, all you must do is smash it and they’ll take care of the rest.

“Oh, it feels great, feels amazing.”

Becky and Tiffany are a local couple in Savannah. When the pandemic started, they both struggled financially to get by.

“COVID changed everyone’s lives. Um for us, both of us. Our job situations changed drastically. I went from working 50 plus hours a week in sales to staying home with our kids,” Becky Thompson said.

While trying to figure out how to create an idea combining stress release and a good time, the concept of Smash and Dash was born.

“We get it. You know, we, we intimately experienced it and I know that’s a lot of people.”

But this…

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