Tampa Bay businesses welcome boost from fans during Lightning games

TAMPA, Fla. — Businesses in the Tampa Bay area are feeling the ripple effect of the Lightning’s second consecutive quest for the Stanley Cup. Fans are not only bringing the thunder for the team, but also a boost to businesses in the area.

At Irish 31 in Hyde Park, fans can always expect a packed house for Lightning games.

“Every table is full. There are people standing. Everyone’s glued to the game, and when the Lightning score, this place just erupts,” said general manager William McKean.

Irish 31

Irish 31

McKean explained how business compares now to the Lightning’s last run for the Stanley Cup in the fall.

“It was stressful the first go-around just because we had the restrictions. We had to make sure everyone was seated in order to be served, and it was a challenge because a lot of people, they just want to come and they want to cheer on the Lightning, and if our tables are full, they’re…

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