Tesla fighting for a Delaware dealership

Although the sleek sedans marked by the futuristic T logo are increasingly seen traveling Delaware’s roads – even U.S. Sen. Tom Carper is reportedly trading in his trademark minivan for one – it may surprise many that there are no Tesla dealerships in Delaware.

Tesla has yet to open a dealership in the First State, due to a longstanding law for stop the state’s auto titans from
squeezing out small dealerships. | PHOTO COURTESY OF UNSPLASH

Known for its aggressive approaches to both engineering and business, the electric car giant is now challenging a First State law forbidding any auto manufacturer from operating its own dealer franchises within the state.

While Tesla operates a service station in Wilmington, a support center at Christiana Mall and charging stations throughout New Castle County, the nearest dealerships for potential Delaware customers are in Devon and King of Prussia in Pennsylvania. Many customers also utilize…

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