The 10 most over-used business jargon terms in Arizona

From “peel the onion” to “blue-sky thinking,” online design and publishing tool Canva analyzed 6.3 million online job ads for some of the most popular and most confusing “business terms” and “candidate descriptions” to discover which business jargon terms are used most across the country and which industries uses jargon the most.

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Canva’s research revealed that:

• In Arizona, the most distinctive jargon with the highest above-average use is ‘blue-sky thinking’. Other popular words and phrases in Arizona include ‘move the needle’ and ‘doer’.

• IT is the industry in Arizona that uses the most jargon in its job ads (761 per 1000 job ads).

• Per 1,000 job ads in Arizona, we found that 389 of them contained complicated words and phrases.

Arizona’s most distinctive jargon words and phrases

The map shows the unique jargon terms that have the…

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