The 5 C’s of credit for starting a small business | Community

“Hey, um…they told me to give you a call. I have a great idea for a business and they said that you were the man!”

I know I’m in trouble when I hear this. And I never really find out who “they” are either.

By the way, this dude’s name was Xander, but he was my age.

I didn’t go to school with any kids named Xander back in the 80’s and 90’s. All the boys were named Jason, Jeremy, and James…and anything else with a J. But not Xander, and especially Xander with an X instead of a Z.

“Yes sir, I have talked to at least three other people and they all redirected me to you. You see, I have all the ingredients for a cake, but I just need the recipe if you know what I mean, so when can we meet? Today?” Xander said.

Xander was extra proud of his analogy since his business idea was a cupcake shop that targeted…

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