The Art Of Caring Leadership In Business Can Increase ROI

Heather Younger, Founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix, a leading employee engagement and leadership development consulting and training firm, has earned her moniker as The Employee Whisperer.

A best-selling author, speaker, consultant, adjunct organizational leadership professor, and facilitator, Heather is dedicated to helping her clients create cultures of listening at work where every employee feels valued and like they belong. She founded Employee Fanatix to inspire others by teaching the kind of caring leadership that drives real business results. As she says, “If your people know you care about them, they will move mountains.”

Heather Younger

Rebecca Bonner

In Heather’s latest book, The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading With Heart Uplifts Teams and Organizations, she outlines nine key ways that leaders can ensure all those they lead feel included and cared for.

Why is this important? Aside from being a more caring…

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