The biggest business blunders of all time

The biggest business blunders of all time

Typos and math errors might not seem like such a big deal — unless, of course, you’re a billion-dollar company.

Some of these corporations lost millions thanks to embarrassing human errors that didn’t get caught in time. Make sure to learn from these mistakes: With 9.3 million Americans still looking for work, now is not the time to put your job security at risk.

From major financial institutions to popular fast-food joints, here are 10 businesses that made enormous blunders.

10. Citibank overpays by $892 million

TonyTheTiger / English Wikipedia

This mortifying financial error was recently incurred by New York-based Citibank.

Three employees accidentally processed an interest payment that transferred a whopping $900 million to Revlon lenders, reported Bloomberg in 2020. They were supposed to send $8 million.

The bank has managed to recover $390 million so far.

In May, a judge denied Citi’s request to keep the…

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