The Business Plan with Bill Reagan: Perspectives on the pandemic | Alexandria Times

How long did it take for you to feel comfortable not wearing your mask in public? We’re making our way through this awkward period known as we “return to normal”. On one hand, we’re glad to not have to wear those masks, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable in circumstances where a few are still wearing them.

We’re excited to be able to travel again, but that’s tempered by the chaotic rental car shortage and inconsistent circumstances at some destinations.

Establishments and offices are now reconfiguring to hybrid models that can feel a bit strange. Face-to-face interactions are back, but with a few hygienic safeguards.

At this time of awkwardness tinged with hope and expectation, it’s productive to reflect on the experiences and accomplishments of the past sixteen months. The pandemic forced us to do things that were life-, work- and community-changing, and all of these might just be the better for it.

Certainly, among the most…

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