The Day – Business continues to be very good at area golf courses

The pandemic sparked a surge in interest in golf last year, as people flocked to area courses to escape from quarantine life.

The Golf Rush has continued right into this year.

Area courses remain as busy as Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

“It’s unbelievable,” Pequot Golf Club pro Bob Hill said.

“We’re absolutely mobbed every day,” Shennecossett assistant pro Casey Roan said.

Elmridge director of golf Chris Jurgasik added: “It’s just carried over. We thought there was going to be some kind of drop off and we don’t see it. It’s going strong.”

That’s good news for local clubs that needed a boost in the pre-pandemic years.

Newcomers picked up the sport. Others dusted off their clubs and started playing again while the regulars squeezed in as many rounds as they possibly could.

“All golf needed a boost,” Jurgasik said. “It was slowly going backwards for quite a few years.”

Now the biggest concern — outside of the weather — is accommodating the masses…

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