The dollar moves higher on explosion headlines.

The dollar has moved higher on the large explosion news out of Dontsk. The explosion is reported to be a car bomb. It may be the false flag that kicks off a bigger offensive by Russian troops, but the market is taking comfort it wasn’t mortar. Nevertheless, the uncertainty increases

The move higher in the greenback has seen the dollar move to new highs vs the EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD. The greenback tested highs vs the

The Swiss franc or Confoederatio Helvetica (CHF) is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The CHF is currently the seventh most-traded currency in the world and is treated as a significant reserve currency.Unlike other currencies in the world’s leading economies, the CHF was notable for its currency peg with the euro (EUR). Started in 2011, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) pegged the CHF to the EUR at a minimum exchange of 1.2.At the time, the peg was justified due to the…

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