The Gates Foundation has a plan for when Bill and Melinda realize working with your ex sucks

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are giving themselves a two-year trial period to see if they can co-parent their multibillion-dollar charitable foundation baby.

When the couple announced their divorce two months ago, they said they would both stay on as co-chairs of the Gates Foundation, which they set up together more than 20 years ago. But on Wednesday, the foundation’s CEO announced a contingency plan “to ensure the continuity of the foundation’s work.”

That’s a nice way of saying they realize the capital-T Truth that working with one’s ex is an exceptionally terrible idea.

Here’s the deal: They’ll try running this thing in parallel for a bit, but if they can’t stand it, Bill will essentially buy Melinda out so that she can do her own philanthropic work. She would receive “personal resources” from her ex-husband — resources that would be “completely separate from the foundation’s endowment,” the foundation’s CEO said.


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