The great outdoors: Crayton Caudill focuses his business skills on landscapes and lighting | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines

He worked there two years, then made his next job move to Redwood Landscape Cedar Lake, where he began working in January of 2020.

The business, owned by Todd and Joy Zandstra, designs and builds custom outdoor living areas, refreshing existing landscapes for both commercial and residential construction, and provides snow services in winter.

“I run the design and building side,” Caudill said of his job at Redwood.

His other job is Lumin8 Outdoor Lighting.

“That’s my baby,” Caudill said.

The business, which opened in fall of 2020, offers commercial and residential lighting.

“We do custom lighting for high end homes,” Caudill said.

He said he is passionate about this new business, which focuses on holiday season lighting.

“It’s a dark season and I like seeing a holiday season more bright. It’s a rush,” Caudill said.

In his spare time, Caudill enjoys coaching baseball for the Indiana Playmakers.

“It brings back the memory and my passion for the game,” he…

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