The Pandemic Has Given your Business a Chance to Pivot. Don’t Waste it

If you are like many of the entrepreneurs I know, you’re in the middle of a re-pivot, or are at least thinking about one. Now that the world is largely reopened, we’re figuring out what adjustments we need to make to our businesses.

Admittedly, the decisions can be bewildering. What I call “coviety” — the inability to make decisions due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 – is real and likely to continue for a while.

We have learned how to function and operate our businesses differently since March 2020 and many of us have gotten comfortable in our new habits. So, do we go back to doing what we were doing for years, or have the rules changed permanently?

The problem is that the answer is not black-and-white, nor is it the same for every business; some industries have permanently changed far more than others. It’s up to you to judge that landscape.

This “pivot experience” leads me think often about the challenges in front of us as business leaders and…

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