The Secret To Running A Family Business

By Mark Waldman

Learn the secrets of one family that has been successfully running a shoe business for 70 years.

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I walk into a room, any room, and immediately look down. No, I’m not shy or afraid to engage in conversation. There’s a reason why my eyes travel south. It’s the power of shoes.

That may sound odd, but I grew up in a family who made their livelihood from footwear. Together my grandfather and my parents founded their shoe company in 1951. Today my brother, sister, and I run our business along with my nephew. Shoes are literally part of our bloodline. Four generations of owning and operating a family shoe company have made me who I am today: a true footwear fanatic.

If this were a game show like Name That Tune, then with just a glimpse I could name a shoe’s specific brand, size, and year it was manufactured in 15 seconds or less. I could even spot if the shoe fit the person wearing it…

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