The Social Instance open for business, grand opening to come | Local News

Cousins Donte Ferguson and Terry Batemon are accepting reservations for their meeting venue in Killeen.

Located at 2201 S. W.S. Young Drive in the Community Center Park, The Social Instance provides a meeting space for birthdays, business receptions and karaoke nights.

“We saw that there are a few venues in the area, but they’re often too big or too small,” Batemon said. “We wanted to provide a middle ground for people that’s just right.”

Batemon described a desire to build a culture of collaboration with similar businesses.

“If we see that there’s a group coming in and we don’t have the capacity, we’ll recommend them to another place, and we hope that they would do the same,” Batemon said “It’s about finding ways to meet a need.”

The venue provides nearly 750…

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