These companies are weighing price hikes as inflation surges

The Americas at Natixis chief economist Joseph Lavorgna and Laffer Tengler chief investment officer Nancy Tengler analyze the spending plan within the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

Companies across the country are considering hiking prices to offset the surging costs of things like raw materials, energy and transportation.

The purchase price for a slew of products, including lumber and steel, has climbed in recent weeks in the face of supply-chain bottlenecks and pent-up consumer demand. The constraints, which have caused some shortages, are forcing financial officers to make a tough decision: Absorb the higher prices, or pass the extra costs along to consumers?

New data published by FactSet found that 18 of 26 S&P 500 firms in the consumer staples sector said they had already increased the prices of their products – or were willing to do so – in order to counter the recent inflation spike. 

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