This week in history Sept. 24, 1921: Montezuma business booming, first snow seen in town

A New Jersey man as invented this automobile bungalow. It has a kitchen pantry, sink, bedroom and stove.
Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection/Courtesy photo

This week in history as reported by The Summit County Journal the week of Sept. 24, 1921:

Montezuma now one of the most active mining camps

The Montezuma mining camp has taken on much new life during the past few weeks, and at the present time more properties are showing signs of life in this camp than in any other part of Summit County. Montezuma is primarily a silver camp, and many of its idle properties could at one time boast of being among the best silver producers in the West.

Handicapped by a long haul, these mines were forced to close when the price of silver dropped. It has been just recently when the price offered under the Pittman Act seemed to hold a good value for some time to come that these signs of activity began to…

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