Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen from small business owner – KION546

SALINAS, Calif. A local small business owner had thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen from her early Sunday morning.

Cortez had a pop-up boutique planned for Saturday and later went to a family gathering. She tells KION parked SUV around their apartment complex at around 9 p.m. and decided to leave the merchandise inside, believing it was safe.

“When I arrived and saw my car. Everything was missing. I had nothing left and it was very tragic,” said Cortez.

Since high school, she says she’s always wanted to own her own business and quit her full-time job as a caregiver to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions.

“Once I started working full-time and studying. I saved up some money and was able to afford to buy some items to resell and start this boutique and it’s devastating to just see it all gone now,” said Cortez.

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